New Parents

as promised, a few extra shots from this gorgeous family's newborn session. these two were born, raised, and wed in Oregon, so I am feeling pretty lucky that they moved up North ; ). so blessed to have opportunities to meet families like these!

x o


Alexa + Evan

Alexa + Evan...

So if Free People advertised on dairy products, Alexa would be on the milk carton.. she is definitely their poster child and is probably the best styled lady I have ever met. Like for real, so good. Evan is this perfectly composed gentleman, and likely would never be found at Coachella. As you will see, it is seriously so freaking cute how in love Evan and Alexa are given how different their personalities would seem to a passerby. 

Evan's family home is on this INCREDIBLE property in Redmond, including several forms of mossy forests. The Emerald Forest, which is the most magnificent of them all (see below for proof) could only be accessed via ZIP LINE... So, naturally, we just zip lined from their TREE HOUSE over a LAKE to get to it. And yes, all of those things needed to be capitalized... 

Side note: For those of you who know me, I am TERRIFIED of heights, so when I found out the only way to the forest was to climb a rickety ladder to a platform 40 feet in the air, to zip line over a lake to a forest, my palms got a lil sweaty..

But I DID IT! WOO! First time ever doing anything like that. And if you are wondering, Evan (gentleman) carried the camera bag for me, and Alexa (style goddess) ziplined in a dress. #couplegoals. P.S. it was a torrential downpour the entire time... but it just made it all better somehow.

N.E.ways, enjoy. We did.

(Aforementioned tree house will be shown at a later date, but will be featured on TV in the coming months so we have to hold off here : )!)