Baby Shower - February 4th, 2017 - Ballard, WA

Writing a blog is new for me.. mostly because I have never had anything to write about !

Before I get started, my best friend for the last 14 years is having a baby. What inspired this post is that I can only imagine what we would have been thinking sitting on her trundle bed at one of our 6th grader movie nights if someone showed us these pictures at that time. It honestly makes me want to cry of happiness and nostalgia, so I am going to stop thinking about it now.


When I started taking photos of other people, I began to notice that a lot of people I knew also loved taking photos, but not of people. They loved taking photos of mountains, oceans, rivers, rocks, whatever. I get that. Believe me. But there is something special about taking a photo of a person I think; I think for me it's that people really do change so quickly.

I think any photographer will agree that the beauty of the photos is that you get more time. With people, you get more time to appreciate the individual moments. You get more time to appreciate the imperfections. You get more time to notice side glances and smiles that you would have missed otherwise.

These photos below are special to me because in 14 years these will be some of the best memories of all of our lives. And I know that, because when I look back on pictures of when we were 11, hanging out in our jammies on your trundle bed, I think that those are some of the best memories of my life. : ).

I cant wait to meet little Grace and watch her make friendships as lasting as ours.