Lexi + Tony

Not totally sure how to describe Lexi + Tony in a way that would help you understand how cool they are.

Lexi is such a free spirit. Very comfortable in her own skin, and has a personality that is so unique to herself that you know she is livin' life the way she wants to. She is also GORGEOUS, an amazing friend, sister, daughter, and partner, plays the Violin, has an amazing voice, and can pull off a buzzed head LITERALLY any day of the week. 

Tony, who I tend to call Jamie (uncontrollably), I met for the first time during this session. Tony is equally as cool Lexi.  Obviously.

As we were getting ready for this session (Makeup by Amanda Hauser), Tony was (no joke) practicing the accordion; and it was SOO GOOD. Who plays the accordion, and who plays it well, that you know? Probably nobody. From what I gather, in addition to being a vocalist, he plays every instrument he has ever picked up; oh and he plays it really well.

Lexi and Tony are the epitome of the folk life culture in only the best ways (at least to a basic city girl like myself), and it fits them well.

Here are some of my favorites from our day together in North Bend, WA.