Blake's Cake Smash - March 5, 2017

Sunday I had the pleasure of getting to capture Blake's First Birthday Cake Smash. First, I should explain Blake.

Blake is probably one of the cutest little babies I have ever seen. He has these big puppy dog eyes, and chubby little cheeks, and those eyelashes that only boys seem to be blessed with.

I was fortunate enough to meet Blake a few months back, along with his older sister Piper (equally cute/pretty much twins), and his parent's Naomi, and Ryan.

After that first session with Blake and Piper, pretty much every person I knew, and a lot of people that I didn't know, kept gushing to me about how freaking cute they were.

They are truly gorgeous children, with goofy personalities to match.

Below are some of my favorites, starting with the cake, stopping for a bath, and finishing with some play time.

Thank you Naomi & Ryan for letting me spend time with you all again : )!