Desi + Manny + Dominic

Ahh.. baby love.

So there is a little back story here.. Manny and I met several months ago when we were coworkers at a startup in downtown Seattle. Manny is one of those people that you immediately connect with, and want to be friends with. So it is no surprise that his wife, Desi, and even their sweet little husky, are just as happy, friendly, and energized.

What is so special (to me) about Desi + Manny, is that they were born and raised in Venezuela, a country so different from the U.S. and a country that has had a lot of political and financial unrest over the last few decades. Manny and Desi, like others in their positions, have had to work harder than I, been more determined than I, and believed in their dreams more than I, in order to achieve everything they have. Their success and accomplishments are SO well deserved, and I am so blessed to have been able to get to know them each a little bit better last weekend. 

They have inspired me to keep pushing for my dreams, no matter what.

I couldn't be more excited for this couple, and their (en route) little baby boy Dominic.