Baby Grace

Let me start by saying, I know that I am mostly writing these blogs to myself at this point ; ), but maybe some of you will remember a few months back when I posted about my best friend who was expecting her first little one.

Well she is here : ) : ) : ) <3 <3 <3 !

She is perfect, and officially 1 week and 1 day old.

To Patty + Chad, we are all so in awe of how amazing you both are at being her mom and dad; it seems as if you were born to be her parents : ). It honestly already feels (to me at least) like you have been doing this for so long.

To Grace, (+ 5 years from now when you can read - maybe sooner since you seem really smart) I remember at your baby shower, your Dad told us that your momma and him already felt like they were parents, and it really didn't have to do with whether you were born or not. Now that you are here, I know that this must be true, because you are already such a perfect unit.

I am so proud of you three, and so excited to watch you continue to grow. So much lovies.

x o x o

P.S. Here are a few photos from Grace's lifestyle newborn session in Fremont, WA.