Knox + Asa

Saturday morning I met the Adams family at Meadowbrook Farm in Northbend. I knew it was going to be a great session when Lindsey (momma) basically just said, feel free to shoot them however you want, we like candid but thats about all we care about. #winning

SO, naturally we started running off to a big green tractor, because with two little boys that is my best bet for candid joy. It turned out that we ended up running around for the full hour, and I ended up being reminded of how out of shape I am. #winninglessthaniwasbefore

Knox (oldest) and Asa (youngest) are probably two of the most gorgeous little boys I have ever met, and not to mentioned the best dressed... #winningagain

I think my favorite part of this album is the way that the valley of Mt. Si can accentuate their littleness and the world's grandness. To me it is the perfect picture of childhood innocence, and a perfect reminder of how lucky we are to live in this amazing PNW.

Adams family, lets just say I cannot wait till we meet again : ). Can't wait to see how these little brothers grow.


x o x o