Shruti + Prabhu

Welp. Where to begin.

Shruti and I had worked together at Remitly, a digital money transmitter startup based in Seattle. But this story is about to go on a crazy tangent. 

The whole mission of Remitly is to find a way to allow individuals to send money home to their families abroad. When I joined the Company, as an Accountant (ironic I know... not very creative), I instantly fell in love. At the time they were only sending money from the US to the Philippines and India (which had only just launched a few months before my joining). The Company was only about 50 people, and they were getting ready to launch sending from the US to Mexico. By the time I left, they were sending to and from so many different countries, the Company had doubled in size and their team had grown to be even more incredible than they already were. 

I joined this Company after only spending a year at a Big 4 Accounting Firm, which I had thought was my dream job. Quickly I found out that it wasn't, largely in part because I quite frankly wasn't very good at it ; ). I can now see that was probably because I wasn't very passionate about it, and I wasn't very inspired to be my best. All my own problems, but still important to know about myself.

This Company, Remitly, changed my entire approach to work and the relationship you can have with your "job". I loved the people, I loved the mission, I was inspired and motivated, and ironically it was that mindset that pushed me to ultimately leave the Company and pursue photography.

There were so many creative minds and so many hard working leaders, that it made me realize, Accounting is not what inspires me anymore. It isn't my passion, it's not where I want to be in 10 years, and for that reason I cannot contribute to Remitly what Remitly deserves and what Remitly had contributed to me.

I knew that if I left Remitly, that was the final step. I would never be on the path to being a CFO, or making six figures as an Accountant. When I left, it was a major risk, and a huge emotional decision. And I am sureeeeee it was a shock to all of those who had watched me trying to ace my CPA exams..

While Remitly's mission is to help and to protect those who support families abroad, Remitly helped me in a lot of ways. It introduced me to these beautiful people below, as well as so many other people that inspire me. 

These photos below are just a token of allll of those memories and all of these sappy feelings : ).

x o x o