Hangin' with the Birthday Boy!

I'll get a lil bit more real for this one !

Lately I have been really focusing on honing my style and learning to say no to opportunities that don't fit with where I see my career going, but also those types of photography that don't bring me joy!

It quickly became obvious to me and my family that I am SO in love with lifestyle photography and with that has come a lot of piece of mind and sense of direction.   

Originally I would have thought that definitely meant I would have to say goodbye to cake smashes and birthday parties... 😫😢.  But instead I realized what I really had to do was ask myself if it was possible for me to find special moments that were important to my Client and important to me during those sessions. 

So while sometimes these types of sessions challenge me to find ways to let my style and my perspective shine through, some of my favorite photographers always say that you have to put out there who you are, and you will in turn attract those types of clients back.

So here I am! I love my clients, I love my client's friends, and I love this moment. Call it wedding practice, or a room full of cute faces and different cultures, but this is my jam and I love every inch of it.
P.S. This party was SO beautiful! Tina you are a killer party planner ;) <3