What to wear

These tips apply to all types of sessions, including the selection of newborn one-sies : )

Golden Rule : I highly recommend selecting softer, lighter tones and more muted shades. If there could be two golden rules, the second would be to avoid logos or graphic designs unless they are intentional : ).

I love bold reds, purples, and blues, I just of course recommend making sure that there aren't too many crazy colors and patterns, as it can be a tad distracting. If our session is outside, it can be helpful to pick out  a jacket that matches your intended color scheme : ). If at all possible, I recommend layering in a way that prevents the need for jackets all together. 

Of course the most important factor is how you feel! I want you to feel confident and comfortable in the way that you look first and foremost :).

What to prepare for an in home session

My #1 recommendation for any in-home session is to find the room with the best natural light, and try to clear out a space by the window for photos.

My #2 recommendation would be to tidy up the nursery/crib (if applicable), and one other room, either your master bedroom or living room. But we can absolutely chat more about that if you aren't sure :).

Specifically for newborn sessions:

#1 - I recommend feeding your baby right before/right when I arrive, and and avoid having them take a nap before I arrive. Those both will ensure that the baby is sleepy and relaxed during our session, instead of energized and hungry ; ).

#2 - A common recommendation that you may already know, is to avoid eating greasy and spicy foods the night before the session if you are breastfeeding. Of course, you will know what works best for you and your baby, so this tip, like all tips, is totally optional : ).

#3 - It works best to have the baby freshly changed and in just a diaper when I arrive, that way I can swaddle the little one when I arrive without causing too much commotion by having to change them : ). I will bring 5-6 colored swaddles, so I recommend preparing a few light blankets/throw blankets/loose swaddles for us to use as well.